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Osteopathic Manual Therapy in Columbia, MD


Are you tired of pain, stress, or illness keeping you from being your best self and living life to the fullest?

  • You may have been told that this is something you might have to live with. Or, that everything looks “healed” or “normal” when it clearly no longer feels that way.
  • Perhaps you can’t enjoy that delicious dinner with friends the way you used to or be your normal productive self without paying for it later.
  • You’re searching for a natural path to health and contentment, and just want your body to be heard.

If this sounds like you, then good news: You’re in the right place.



Less Pain

Reducing tension and imbalances in the body takes pressure off things like joints and nerves.


Better Organ Health

The more freedom our organs have to move, the better their ability to continue working for us.


Better Mental State

The state of the body and the mind are one.  When you care for one, you nourish the other as well.

“Coming to see Tim keeps me going. I came initially for a bad hip because I don’t want surgery or a bunch of pain medication. I can continue to work, do some light exercise, and manage all the family duties because of the work we do. It helps my mood too. My anxiety is almost always better afterward. He also worked on my stomach and since then I’ve been able to eat things like pizza, sandwiches, and other carb type foods like desserts for the first time in a long while which is really surprising!”

- Cindy, Columbia, MD
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Hello, I’m Tim 

I was once a competitive swimmer with chronic orthopedic issues that baffled my doctors and didn’t respond to conventional treatment. With Osteopathic Manual Therapy and other alternative therapies, I not only got my swimming career back, but was able to recover from several other serious health conditions over the years that followed. These life events inspired me to do this work. I know what it feels like to be limited in life from an illness, and love sharing the experience of moving beyond it into better health.

Since 2010 it has been my privilege to help people find relief from symptoms, discover their amazing potential to heal from within, and fully live life as the outstanding individuals that they are.



Visceral Manipulation

Gentle mobilization of organs to improve their function and vitality


Craniosacral Therapy

Light-touch balancing of the tissues connected to our nervous system to reduce pain and help the nerves function better.


Gentle Spine Mobilization

Gentle methods to restore flexibility and balance to specific vertebrae to help with pain, posture, and strength


Initial evaluation and treatment (90 minutes)


60-minute session


90-minute session



How Do We Fix It? By Letting the Body Decide

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How Visceral Manipulation Can Help Gastroparesis

How Visceral Manipulation Can Help Gastroparesis

The Brick in Your Stomach   Imagine eating a big meal, feeling uncomfortably full afterward, and then…nothing changes. For hours or possibly even days your stomach continues to feel full.  As a result, even though you might again have feelings of hunger, your...

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Who Can Benefit From Craniosacral Therapy?

  There are many benefits from Craniosacral Therapy (CST), which is a gentle, non-invasive form of Osteopathic Manual Therapy that I use every day in my practice. It’s great for people who find conventional approaches (such as medications, exercises or...

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