Couldn’t be more pleased with Tim Newton. I am being treated for neck/shoulder pain due to a C7 pinch. Tim is professional, courteous, kind, and a great listener. His techniques are varied because of his depth of knowledge. He is determined to improve range of motion with each visit. I am always impressed by another method he uses to get a little more movement out of my shoulder. Each visit leaves me with less discomfort and more movement. Tim is very patient and understanding. When I was stubborn about getting an MRI, he knew just the right way to encourage me without pushing. Eventually I had the MRI, and it confirmed Tim’s suspicions from the first visit. You’re in good hands with Tim Newton. He’ll get you moving again!


Tim came highly recommended to us from parents of other swimmers that had needed PT. My daughter had complained of wrist pain for over a year and it was often worse after playing her band instrument but also occasionally hurt during swim practice and at other times. We had seen multiple drs, a hand and wrist therapist recommended by one of the orthopedists but she wasn’t getting better. On the first visit to Tim, he was able to ascertain that she had issues in her neck and shoulder. After treating those issues, she’s finally pain-free in her wrist. I would highly recommend him!

Due to a connective tissue disorder called Ehlers Danlos Syndrome, I have struggled with joint, muscle, and back pain for over 30 years. I have seen a string of physical therapists over the years in order to
reduce dependency on pain medications and avoid surgery. What I can tell you is that when you find a “good one”, you stick with him. Tim is that “good one”. He explains things clearly and his treatments work! In four short weeks, he was able to correct how I was doing my core exercises in a meaningful way. Tim also has me on a program of fewer home exercises that are done correctly. This plus his physical therapy work have been so effective they allow me days of relief from pain. He is also professional, kind, and fun to work with. My life is better because
of Dr. Tim.

– Extremely satisfied patient

Dr. Tim Newton is not only a gifted doctor, he is a caring and competent professional. His approach to healing and relieving pain involves the participation of his patients in consideration of their lifestyle and personal goals. After many years of neck pain and severe headaches I found relief after just a few appointments with Dr. Newton. The exercises he prescribed continue to keep me pain free. In today’s healthcare environment it is a pleasure to know there is a doctor who truly has his patient’s best interest at heart!

I have worked with Tim for several years over the course of my swimming career and triathlons. Whenever I have an issue pop up, I know I can turn to Tim to get to the root cause and get me back to training. When I first started running my hips were not stabilizing correctly, leading to all sorts of hip, back, and knee pain. After working to correct these issues I was able to train and achieve my goal of racing a half ironman triathlon. Tim clearly cares deeply about his patients, listening to them and building a plan that works for them. I highly recommend Tim to others in need of physical therapy.


My experience with Tim has been like no other. He is an amazing physical therapist who not only focuses on the issue that you come in for, but he will make sure your whole body is moving properly. Tim has been my physical therapist for going on 9 years, and I will not see any other therapist due to his treatment methods. I started to go to Tim for POTS, but over the years, I have been able to rely on him for help with numerous issues that come with my active lifestyle, even headaches. I really appreciate how he helps to improve my underlying issues while I go to see him for a new issue. Most physical therapists only want to work on the problem at hand, so it is very refreshing that I never have to worry about Tim causing my POTS to act up again even if we’re working on something like low back pain or a sprained ankle.

Dr. Tim Newton was incredibly helpful in my time of need. I was diagnosed with a herniated disk in my neck about five months ago. My quality of life was non- existent. I could not perform my typical daily functions. Because of constant and continuous pain, I could not sleep, and was unable to even lift my arm or to do basic things like write or type. This affected my performance at work. I am an owner of an international software exporting business, and my presence of mind is an absolute necessity. I could not concentrate, because I was always tired due to lack of sleep. Tim was recommended to me by my neurologist. From my first appointment I felt immediate relief. He used different techniques of manipulation that no one has tried on me before and they worked. At the end of the first appointment I could raise my arm overhead for the first time in five months. After five appointments, not only was I able to raise my right arm, but I could carry my purse, dress myself, take care of my hair, in other words, I became self sufficient again. To me it is a miracle. I have restful sleep, can think clearly, and feel stress free. Thank you, Tim, for turning my life around!


I have been going to Tim for my physical therapy needs since 2015. I have had issues with cervical and lumbar pain since 2013. In 2015, I was involved in a car accident which exacerbated the pain. Tim’s approach and technique are by far the best I have experienced both as a patient and as I person who works in the healthcare industry. Tim’s passion drives him to treat the patient, not the symptoms, digging deeper to determine/treat the root cause of the issue.

-N. Black