What to Bring

  • Clothing: It’s important to wear loose, or comfortable clothing that will be easy to move around in. This helps us better assess and treat you. Please avoid jeans and skirts. For those with long hair: Have a hair tie handy, but be prepared to remove it and any other pins or clips.
  • Perfumes/Scents: In order to respect the sensitivities of other patients after you, please do not wear any perfumes, colognes, or scented lotions/oils/hair products that day until after your appointment.
  • Doctor’s Prescription for PT: Maryland is a Direct Access State, which means that no doctor referral or prescription is needed to start therapy. However, a prescription may be required by your insurance company if you intend to seek reimbursement from them. In this case, it is your responsibility to obtain this prescription from your doctor. If you have a script/prescription from a doctor, we ask that you provide us with a copy so that we’re on the same page.


What to Expect


What is Osteopathic Manual Therapy/bodywork like?

We listen to the tissues in the body. We assess where in the body the tensions/restrictions are most significant, and base the treatment plan off of that. We do this with gentle palpation, and not our assumptions of what part of the body might be most “at fault”. Everything inside us is connected, and everything is important. We trust what the body has to say.

Treatment is very gentle, and with minimal force. For many first-timers, it feels like nothing is happening at all. Others may feel significant changes occurring in their body in that moment. Everyone is different.


What does it feel like afterward?

Often people will feel a bit looser, lighter, or “floppier” following a PT session, although sometimes no immediate effect is felt at all.  The “treatment” continues for weeks and even months following the session as the body further integrates the changes from the manual work that was done.  Osteopathic manual work doesn’t “fix” anything.  It simply reduces restriction and helps to rebalance systems in the body: it’s a facilitator of our body’s innate ability to self-correct and heal from within.

Sometimes in the days following a session you may be surprised to feel mild soreness or discomfort in your body that you wouldn’t expect, especially after something so gentle. This is a normal phenomenon and should be temporary: usually only 2-4 days, but in some cases it can be longer.  It’s important to give your body grace and allow it time to adjust to the changes from treatment, especially if there are long-standing health conditions at play.


How long until I feel better?

Progress should be seen within 3-4 visits.  Everyone’s rate of improvement will differ depending on their specific health issues and lifestyle.



Visits and Frequency

  • The Initial Evaluation will be 90 minutes in duration.  We will review your paperwork with you, ask more specific questions about your condition, and perform a detailed physical examination.  Treatment will also be included on your first day.
  • Follow-up visits are approximately 60 minutes long.  Everything is one-on-one, in a private treatment room, with the same therapist.
  • Frequency and Duration: The most frequently that we typically see patients/clients is once/week.  Many people will space out their visits for maintenance as they improve from the initial problem(s).  Some folks feel better in 1-2 visits, and others take several months.  This depends on your health history, goals, and our findings when we see you.
  • This practice is 100% therapist owned and operated, which currently includes answering and returning phone calls.  If you call and do not get an answer, that means I am with a patient.  Please leave your name and a message and I will return your call as soon as I can!